Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath


Catriona & Niamh ❣️

Invite you to open your heart and feel the love within and all around you.

📅 Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024

🕒 Time: 6 to 9 pm

📍 Location: Y21E278 @sacredsounds

Investment €55

Join us as we explore the synergies of sacred cacao, sound, and the power of the present moment together.

Allow all your senses to be activated, enabling your body to surrender back into its natural flow, where deep, deep relaxation, replenishment, and rejuvenation can take place.


Niamh will gift you a cacao ceremony and share all her wisdom and knowledge on the plant-based medicine of cacao and its profound benefits.


Catriona will guide you on an inward journey using the art of sound healing and share her wisdom and knowledge about the medicine of sound healing.

Luxurious DoTERRA oils will be available for you to explore, allowing you to experience their aromas and benefits. Additionally, there will be wonderful card sharing 🌿

This will be a delightful evening to celebrate you surrounded in a snug safe space at Sacred Sounds.

We look forward to meeting you all.

Big love,

Catriona & Niamh ❣️


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