Services Offered

Full Biofield Tuning Session.

During a Biofield Tuning session, the client relaxes comfortably on a treatment table and does not need to say or do anything. I begin by activating the energetic body and grounding the client by using specific vibrational frequencies. This opens up the electromagnetic field, creating a vortex energy flow. I then scan the body using a pendulum to determine which energy center needs to be worked on. Starting from about 5 feet away, I gently comb through your biofield, listening and feeling for any resistance. When I encounter an area of perturbation, I pause. I activate the tuning fork again and hold it in that particular area releasing any resistance in the field. This appears to correspond with a release of tension in the physical body. I then integrate the energy and finish the session by sealing up your biofield.

Distance Session.

Biofield Tuning equally works the same way at a distance as in person. The distance between the practitioner and the receiver does not matter. The client can relax comfortably at home and they can choose whether we are on the phone to each other or if they would like me to email them after the session with detailed notes of what we worked through. The information I find in your electromagnetic energy field is consistent and predictable, regardless of distance. Distance sessions give equally powerful results.

Adrenal Rhythm Reset.

Often modern-day living can lead to over-active adrenals. The adrenals produce a variety of hormones, including adrenaline and the steroids aldosterone and cortisol. If these hormones are over produced we are faced with a variety of symptoms, including low thyroid, impaired digestion, sleep disorders, allergies and extreme fatigue. Rather than thinking about supplements or dietBiofield Tuning helps regulate your adrenal rhythm so that it functions at a healthy pace. 

Sonic Meridian Flush (90 minutes).

The sonic meridian flush is a specialised tuning used to open up the energetic pathways and balance the body’s nervous system – creating many beneficial effects that include deep relaxation, stress reduction, restoration, and feelings of peace. Some people experience emotional releases, weight loss, and detox as energetic pathways become more open. 

Relationship Session.

Tuning up the electromagnetic field that exists between two people (or animals) can help people better understand their relationships and heal past conflict. Treating old stories and energy blocks in their field allows for harmony, flow and inner and outer freedom. 

Scar Treatment: 

Biofield Tuning is very effective in treating acute and chronic scars. The sound input increases electrical activity around the scar, allowing for blood, lymph and energy flow. This supports elasticity and relaxation around the affected tissues. 

Organs and Bones:

Each organ has their own frequency, rhythm and field. We successfully work with the brain, thyroid, heart, lungs, diaphragm, liver, kidneys, stomach, ovaries and bones.

Corporate Workplace Wellness:

Biofield Tuning can truly open you up for business. 

Whether it be a one off or a series of sessions, improving mental and emotional well-being in the workplace really can inspire employees and bring tangible business benefits. Biofield Tuning is efficient and effective, providing you with immediate return on investment.

This fascinating sound experience is a physics-based approach to harmonising individuals, relationships and working environments. Niamh uses specialised tuning forks to locate areas of “stuckness” in and around environments, she then elegantly modulates and discharges this perturbation from the surrounding space. When we gently release un-beneficial feelings like stress, tension and frustration we allow for the free flow of energy. This creates a healthy work place environment and a momentum of ease is created. Employees often report feeling energised, lighter, more patient, enhanced engagement, increased work ethic and motivation.