Kate Cronin

Niamh has a special gift. I have experienced 2 sessions with her recently. I have genuinely noticed changes. Lighter in myself, calm and peaceful. It’s something one needs to try for themselves to really know how powerful it is. You are in safe hands with Niamh 😊

Erin De Mange

Tried a group zoom session with Niamh during an initial lock down out of curiosity, hooked since. Her warmth, energy and professionalism is inspiring. Each session is like a soul & body reset. Feel so uplifted every time…after I wake up from being so beyond relaxed by the end of the experience! Highly recommend giving it a try & experiencing it for yourself.


I’ve had 3 Biofield sessions with Niamh via zoom.

I am absolutely mind blown by them. Niamh is so gifted at what she does. The way she could describe what I was feeling at a certain age was so accurate.

Her sessions are so beautiful, relaxing and healing. I went on the search for energy healing, as I had previously been going to therapy to talk about lack of motivation, feeling lost, unhappy, conflicted, sexuality and being a victim of rape. Although I found therapy beneficial it came to a point where I felt it couldn’t help me any more. Talking about it any more was just triggering me. After my 3 sessions with Niamh I feel this was exactly what I needed. I feel I am healing from all my past trauma and moving forward from it. Starting a fresh.. as Niamh wisely said the past is the past and it has no control over me now.

Feel so lucky to have found Niamh on insta, and to have started my healing journey under her guide. Looking forward to doing a few more sessions, as I’m hooked on the healing vibes now. And just regards follow up care Niamh goes out of her way to message you the next day after your session to check in on everything and is happy to listen or answer any queries. What a beautiful soul.

Thank you Niamh 💛

Jonathan Finn

I had my first Biofield Tuning experience with Niamh recently and I’m very glad I did, what a great experience!

During the session, I felt the energies shifting at various points and I began to feel much lighter, happier and at ease very quickly. These effects were powerful and lasted long after the session had finished!

Niamh also gave some valuable insights in the session which really helped with understanding the cause of certain issues and blockages.

I would highly recommend Niamh for a Biofield Tuning session; she is kind, caring, intuitive as well as highly gifted and passionate when it comes to her work! Thanks again Niamh!

Lauren Franciosi

First of all….you know how gifted and awesome I think you are with incredible BIofield Tuning. Something is different, it feels like you shifted and you went up like 3 rungs on the ladder. Your work had this intense power of intention…of moving energy behind it but at the same time was safe, comfortable and loving.

Thank you for sending me the link to your latest tuning. I listened to it last night. Last thing I remember. I went into such a deep deep sleep! First time in weeks!  

Your session cleared up most of that area that was in pain. I woke up today feeling so calm and centered. I have been in overwhelm with Covid, and safety and the news, etc etc. your Earth star and sun just brought all that noise and chaos into a quiet space. 

I value you and your work. You make this so affordable for us. I will be contacting you to schedule a personal biofield tuning. 

You are SUCH a powerful light the world so desperately needs Niamh. Keep on shining the light and love. 

Orla Flannery

I had never heard of biofield tuning until I came across Niamh. I would highly recommend Niamh & this modality! She is so caring & will put you at ease. I’m so grateful to her and her amazing tuning forks & the healing I have received. The sessions are so powerful & I feel so much brighter, lighter & free!! Im a new woman!

Lauren Franciosi

I came across Niamh by accident…then again, with the Universe…..there are no accidents.

I am in Washington State in the USA and Niamh is in Ireland.  Miles and miles away. Yet I was drawn to her work.  I listened to her free sessions on you tube and took the next step and signed up for her group sessions.  To say Niamh has a gift, is an understatement.  Her young ways are gentle but enfolded with age old wisdom.  She touches and moves energy to the core. I have been doing energy work for the past 20 years…and yet she helped me peel another layer that I was not aware of.  
After two group sessions, I decided to treat myself to a “birthday” tune. I sent Niamh a list of my intentions for the coming year. We incorporated those into the session and then let the energy speak.  She was so amazing.  Spot on at every turn.

I am a student of Biofield Tuning waiting to take my Practitioner Course that was delayed due to Covid. I am VERY picky about who works on me and what kind of energy work is done.  I have 100% trust in Niamh and her skills.  She is extremely intuitive, highly sensitive and ultra compassionate.

I cannot say thank you enough to Niamh for helping me unravel a deep layer. I felt so safe and so protected to shed the unnecessary baggage energy I was carrying. I highly recommend Niamh for group sessions and personal work. She is a light and a gift to this world.  


I came across Biofield with Niamh purely accidentally . I practice yoga regularly and this was a new area I had not heard of before but found the idea fascinating. Having a degree in Science and working in a scientific job I found the idea of biofield energy around us all fascinating and decided to give it a try. I listened to Niamh’s class on Adrenal fatigue and release and wow is all I can say. My right leg actually started to move while listening. At first I was a little taken aback but then just trusted the process. I am so delighted I have found this lady and am just fascinated by the whole process. Looking forward to a new journey into this area . Thank you Niamh.

Eva Crowley

I have gotten three distance sessions with Niamh and I’ve just signed up for another 3. Niamh is magic. She has such a warm and comforting nature when you are in her presence. My sessions with Niamh have been nothing short of amazing. I have found them incredible. I couldn’t recommend Niamh and her magic forks enough.

Aoife Glavin

Biofield with Niamh is unbelievable. I have had a few sessions and from the very first one began to reap the rewards, mentally, physically and spiritually. Niamh is highly intuitive and knowledgeable which makes for an incredibly personalised and special experience each time. For whatever reason a person may be considering Biofield with Niamh I’d say go for it, Niamh offers a beautiful safe space and I always feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards not to mention the everlasting positive changes. Thank you Niamh.