I am a 50 Yr old woman who felt the stresses of life were getting a bit much. I would go running every day in order to clear my mind of stress as well as a way of feeling energised. However this level of physical activity at my age was taking its toll on my knee and hip joints. Niamh understood completely how I was feeling. During the session Niamh explained everything to me so I felt relaxed and I felt I could trust her. Following 1 session I felt my my mind so clear. My concentration improved. I got those jobs done that needed doing but could never organise myself to do. I no longer feel the need to run miles day in order to energise myself as I feel I have more energy. The pain in my joints and muscle pain is almost gone. My stress levels have definitely improved and I also feel more in control of my life. Also things that I used to find irritating no longer are.
On a personal note, Niamh is a very gentle person who radiates feelings of love, happiness and is a very calming and genuine person who has a natural gift for this work and I highly recommend this treatment.

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