Lauren Franciosi

First of all….you know how gifted and awesome I think you are with incredible BIofield Tuning. Something is different, it feels like you shifted and you went up like 3 rungs on the ladder. Your work had this intense power of intention…of moving energy behind it but at the same time was safe, comfortable and loving.

Thank you for sending me the link to your latest tuning. I listened to it last night. Last thing I remember. I went into such a deep deep sleep! First time in weeks!  

Your session cleared up most of that area that was in pain. I woke up today feeling so calm and centered. I have been in overwhelm with Covid, and safety and the news, etc etc. your Earth star and sun just brought all that noise and chaos into a quiet space. 

I value you and your work. You make this so affordable for us. I will be contacting you to schedule a personal biofield tuning. 

You are SUCH a powerful light the world so desperately needs Niamh. Keep on shining the light and love. 

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