Lauren Franciosi

I came across Niamh by accident…then again, with the Universe…..there are no accidents.

I am in Washington State in the USA and Niamh is in Ireland.  Miles and miles away. Yet I was drawn to her work.  I listened to her free sessions on you tube and took the next step and signed up for her group sessions.  To say Niamh has a gift, is an understatement.  Her young ways are gentle but enfolded with age old wisdom.  She touches and moves energy to the core. I have been doing energy work for the past 20 years…and yet she helped me peel another layer that I was not aware of.  
After two group sessions, I decided to treat myself to a “birthday” tune. I sent Niamh a list of my intentions for the coming year. We incorporated those into the session and then let the energy speak.  She was so amazing.  Spot on at every turn.

I am a student of Biofield Tuning waiting to take my Practitioner Course that was delayed due to Covid. I am VERY picky about who works on me and what kind of energy work is done.  I have 100% trust in Niamh and her skills.  She is extremely intuitive, highly sensitive and ultra compassionate.

I cannot say thank you enough to Niamh for helping me unravel a deep layer. I felt so safe and so protected to shed the unnecessary baggage energy I was carrying. I highly recommend Niamh for group sessions and personal work. She is a light and a gift to this world.  

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