Kiara Byrne

I had a beautiful experience recieving distant healing from Niamh. So relaxing and I felt a physical presence of energy during the session. Highly recommend ⭐

Sharon Mulhall

This is just amazing work that Niamh does it has help me so much to deal with issue in my life if you haven’t tryed Biofield tuning with Niamh please do the feeling you have after a session is just so up lifting and an amazing. She truly is an amazing young and beautiful woman ❤️. Thank you so much.

Joy Balfe

Hi Niamh – my first experience of biofield tuning this morning (finally!!) and it did not disappoint. I felt amazing and so relaxed for the whole day after the session…. like all the stresses in my head and body had been lifted and I was so much more calm and really had an amazing day post the session! Will definitely be back on for another session to engage into some of my feelings even further ! Thank you so much ❤️


Niamh holds a really beautiful space and has such passion for what she does. I always feel very light and calm after her sessions and this is true for sessions I have had with her in person and online. Her group sessions online have been of great benefit to me in finding some inner calm and really switching off and relaxing. She is so talented and has so much knowledge and light to share.O

Helena McManus

I had online one on one sessions with Niamh and even after the first one I felt the amazing benefits. She is such a talented, kind and gentle person. She has left a huge positive impact on me and I cannot recommend her enough. She literally does all the work and I definitely reaped all the rewards of those tuning forks! Thank you Niamh! Feeling lighter and brighter ever since ❤️😊


I am a 50 Yr old woman who felt the stresses of life were getting a bit much. I would go running every day in order to clear my mind of stress as well as a way of feeling energised. However this level of physical activity at my age was taking its toll on my knee and hip joints. Niamh understood completely how I was feeling. During the session Niamh explained everything to me so I felt relaxed and I felt I could trust her. Following 1 session I felt my my mind so clear. My concentration improved. I got those jobs done that needed doing but could never organise myself to do. I no longer feel the need to run miles day in order to energise myself as I feel I have more energy. The pain in my joints and muscle pain is almost gone. My stress levels have definitely improved and I also feel more in control of my life. Also things that I used to find irritating no longer are.
On a personal note, Niamh is a very gentle person who radiates feelings of love, happiness and is a very calming and genuine person who has a natural gift for this work and I highly recommend this treatment.

Laura Brennon

One of the most powerful energy sessions I have received. I took my session over the phone.

Katy Harrison

I recently had a Biofeld Tuning session with Niamh. It was the most incredible and powerful experience. I was quite nervous to begin with, but from the very start Niamh put me completely at ease. Her warmth and genuine personality allowed me to be totally comfortable as she explained exactly what she was going to do and how the session was going to work. This really enabled me to open up which allowed a massive shift in negative energy to happen. She is a truly talented healer. I felt refreshed, lighter and like a new person after my session. I could not recommend this modality of healing more to anyone, and I am so grateful to Niamh for sharing her extremely special gift and talent with me. I will definitely be telling all my family and friends about Niamh.

Michelle English

I recently had three distant sessions with Niamh which I found very enjoyable and beneficial!  Niamh is an amazing therapist who puts you at ease, and explains the process in advance and throughout. During each sessions I felt relaxed and a sense of calm. Throughout the therapy my ability to focus on my body and enter a state meditation was strengthed with Niamh guidance. At the time of these sessions I was working through some ongoing personal questions and I found this process helped me to focus and see clearly the outcome that I desired with a sense of  certainty and determination. Niamh’s personal approach provides a sense of security and deep connection which I felt made the experience so valuable.

Miriam Campbell

I had the most amazing distant Biofield treatment from Niamh recently, it was such a wonderful experience, Niamh is a truly gifted therapist, she is so intuitive she puts you at such ease and her passion and love for her work comes through in the care and attention she gives on a one to one basis. I felt such lightness in myself after our session, so very grounded and fully connected on all levels, she is very supportive and her kindness is apparent as she pays such attention to detail to ensure you are comfortable and understand the process.I highly recommend Niamh as a therapist she is truly authentic in every way.Thank you Niamh I am so grateful and feel very blessed. 💖