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A talk with yoga enthusiast Katy Harrison about Biofield Tuning.

In this video I chat with Katy all about Biofield Tuning, how and why I started, how Biofield Tuning works and the science behind it, the outcome of a session and how this all ties in beautifully with the practice of yoga. 

What is Biofield Tuning?

In this video I briefly describe the method of Biofield Tuning. I talk about the electric aspect of the human body and how this can become unbalanced. I explain the term ‘Biofield’. Furthermore, I speak about the laws of physics that govern this scientific technique.

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Example of a Sonic Meridian Flush.

The sonic meridian flush is a specialised tuning used to open up the energetic pathways, and balance the body’s nervous system – creating many beneficial effects that include deep relaxation, stress reduction, restoration, and feelings of peace. Some people experience emotional releases, weight loss, and detox as energetic pathways become more open.