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During a 1-1 session you will lie down comfortably on a treatment table in my calm therapy room. I will apply tuning forks onto and around your body. You will feel the vibrations smoothly entering your body. I start from around 5-6 feet away from you on the treatment table, this is where I find the information from the time you were in your Mum’s womb. I then walk closer to you, working through your life history, all the way up until your current age, listening and feeling for any stress or resistance along the way.

When I find a time in your life with increased stress I hang out there until the stuck energy is released by using a law of physics known as resonance and entrainment (I entrain you into a new vibration). The resistance or increased electromagnetic charge that was held in that particular age in your life is then dissolved and “swept back” into circulation. When trapped energy is released from your body you’ll have a strong flow of electrical current through your system and you’ll feel strong again. Throughout the session as I work through your specific lifetime history I will relay back to you at approximately what age I’m finding stress in your life. The only thing I need to know from you is your age.

During the session you may feel energy moving through your body, for example you may feel twitching, popping, pins and needles or lightness.

The session will create immediate re-calibration of your energy field and deep relaxation. You will be safe to drive home after.

There are no age limits for receiving Biofield Tuning. Individuals under the age of 18 receive 30 minute tune-ups.

Please note: Biofield Tuning is a new technique, there are no extensive studies carried out. The following information is provided so that you can make the best decision for your own well-being.

Biofield Tuning is non-invasive yet powerful. It is not advised for people who are pregnant, extremely ill, recent concussions, pacemakers and active cancer. This is because Biofield Tuning may create a strong healing response in the body. As the body releases tension, any toxins that have been held in constricted tissue are released which has the capacity to produce flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stools and in extreme cases (very rare) rashes and vomiting. Biofield Tuning may overwhelm an already overextended system and the body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox systems.

Online group sessions with Niamh:

In the two years that group audio sessions have been conducted by Niamh, thousands of people have received them and no adverse reactions have been reported. If you are interested in experiencing a Biofield Tuning online audio session, I recommend paying close attention to how your body is feeling while listening. In all cases, I recommend trusting your own senses and choosing sessions accordingly. Biofield with Niamh does not accept responsibility for any possible outcomes.

Following a Biofield Tuning session, clients may experience a “detox response”. This is completely normal and means the body is releasing stress and trauma. Generally, these symptoms pass within a day or two. If you experience an extreme detoxification please contact me and I will be able to support you. The following are possible symptoms of detox:
  • Fatigue
  • Waves of emotions – crying, being angry, sad
  • Loose stools and/or frequent urination 
  • Exhaustion
  • Headaches and/or dizziness
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • In very rare instances – skin rashes, mucus, fevers, vomiting, excessive thirst

This is completely individualised but generally, a series of three sessions close together is recommended to begin with. Committing to at least three sessions gives clients the opportunity to deeply experience the profound effects of Biofield Tuning. However, it really depends on what the presenting issues are with the individual. One session may be enough! Biofield Tuning is cumulative; every session builds on the one prior to it.

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