What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a form of energy medicine also known as vibrational healing. I work with the electrical (energy) current that runs through your body, and the magnetic field that surrounds it. Biofield Tuning uses sound to clear congestion and stress from your energy field. The tuning fork acts as a mirror – to give biofeedback to your body activating self-healing. Helping your body find its own natural rhythm and flow.⁣

I start from the time you were in your mum’s womb and I work all the way up to your current age. I help you to relax, breathe and release stuck energy along the way. I can pick up on specific ages that were difficult or stressful in your life. I help you to discharge the energy that you left behind, balancing your emotions and correcting the flow of energy. You don’t forget any memories but you are able to let go of how you felt emotionally at that time. Releasing heaviness gives you the power to leave the old stories behind and create a new pattern of liberation and authenticity.


What is Biofield Tuning good for?

Biofield Tuning can alleviate and even eradicate physical, mental and emotional disturbances. Clients often report feeling energised, lighter, present, more patient and they can break old habits. Whether you are experiencing health issues or simply seeking a restorative, relaxing, yet energising experience Biofield Tuning can help you.

Different types of sessions available;

  • in-person or remote 1-1 Biofield Tuning session
  • adrenal rhythm reset – helps regulate your adrenals to balance stress hormones
  • sonic meridian flush – balances your nervous system for deep relaxation
  • relationship session – for harmony and understanding 
  • scar treatment – increases electrical activity around scar for deep healing
  • organs & bones – balancing any and all organs to their natural rhythm
  • corporate workplace wellness – harmonising employees and environments 

How many sessions will I need?

This is completely individualised but generally, a series of three sessions close together is recommended to begin with. Committing to at least three sessions gives clients the opportunity to deeply experience the profound effects of Biofield Tuning. However, it really depends on what the presenting issues are with the individual. One session may be enough! Biofield Tuning is cumulative; every session builds on the one prior to it. 

Where will the session be and how do I prepare?

Experience the power of Biofield Tuning face-to-face or at a distance, it works the same way over the phone, both give equally powerful results, no corner of the world is too remote.

In-person sessions are located at my home in Athy, Co.Kildare. The eircode is R14YT65.

Distance sessions are held via Zoom. Biofield Tuning works on a level of vibration and not physical matter, therefore I don’t have to be physically present with you for it to have an effect. The information I find in your electromagnetic energy field is consistent and predictable, regardless of distance. I have conducted hundreds of distance sessions and always yield the same result.  

During the session you will recline comfortably, allowing the sound to penetrate your body, you won’t have to say or do anything. I’ll be relaying back to you all of the information I’m finding in your energy field. Being well hydrated is recommended.

Are there any contraindications for receiving Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is non-invasive yet powerful. It is not advised for people who are pregnant, extremely ill, recent concussions, pacemakers and active cancer. This is because Biofield Tuning may create a strong healing response and the body may not have the resources to effectively manage detox systems.

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