Cacao Ceremony

    • Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala | 100% Pure


      Ceremonial Grade Cacao, 100% Pure & Organic, from Guatemala

      With reverence I travelled to the Guatemalan rainforests in 2023 to meet the farmers, to honour and personally experience the magic of cacao. I share cacao with you because this medicine is special and I wish that you too can receive this medicine to your hands. By supporting this cacao, you are supporting over 256 indigenous women and farmers of Guatemala. Thank you!

      I share a rich and creamy blend of organic cacao that will boost your energy, invoke feelings of love, joy, happiness and euphoria. Ideal to uplift your mind, body and soul. Each block of cacao is infused with love and intentionality, giving you the opportunity to create a personal intention with your own cup, and the landscape to explore this intention.

    • Heart Chakra Activation – Cacao Ceremony with Niamh and Hamaima


      Symbolising the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love, the Heart Chakra is where Heaven and Earth harmoniously unite in balance.

      In an open heart, conflicts dissolve, and heart-centered compassion flourishes, offering universal and unconditional love that brings about a sense of wholeness. Recognised as the ultimate healing force across various spiritual traditions.

      There is no limit to love that is available to you, but for most of us there is a limit to the amount of love we are able to receive. Instead of doubting and making yourself small, start to accept all of your magnificent Self and learn to embrace and love the aspects that you consider not to be “perfect”.

      Join Niamh and Hamaima in a soulful gathering to open and activate your heart chakra. Through the magic of Cacao Medicine, Biofield Tuning, Meditation, Medicine Music, and Prayer, this experience will empower you to choose love over fear and fully receive the unconditional support always available to you.

      It’s a magical journey of self-discovery and love. 💖✨

      📅 Date: Friday, May 24th, 2024

      🕒 Time: 6-9 pm

      📍 Location: TheYurt, Co. Kildare, R14 KF70⁣

      Investment: €70

      We look forward to meeting you!

      Niamh and Hamaima x

    • The Power of Your Throat Chakra – Cacao Ceremony with Niamh and Hamaima


      Embark on a transformative journey with Niamh and Hamaima as they guide you through a gorgeous Cacao Ceremony, Biofield Tuning, Meditation, Medicine Music, and Voice Activation, all aimed at connecting with and opening your Throat Chakra.

      🌈 This chakra is a gateway to truth, the power of words, and the art of effective communication.

      As your Throat Chakra blossoms, you’ll tune into your inner voice and unveil your authentic self. This energy empowers you to seek knowledge beyond the constraints of time, space, as well as cultural and family conditioning.

      As a communication center, it not only allows you to express who you are and what you stand for but also enables you to listen consciously to others, establishing more profound connections.

      Immerse yourself in the power of deep listening, transformative sound, and song, revealing your True Self and allowing its authentic expression.

      📅 Date: Thursday, May 23rd, 2024

      🕒 Time: 6-9 pm

      📍 Location: TheYurt, Co. Kildare, R14 KF70⁣

      Investment: €70

      We look forward to meeting you!

      Niamh and Hamaima x

    • Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath


      Catriona & Niamh ❣️

      Invite you to open your heart and feel the love within and all around you.

      📅 Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024

      🕒 Time: 6 to 9 pm

      📍 Location: Y21E278 @sacredsounds

      Investment €55

      Join us as we explore the synergies of sacred cacao, sound, and the power of the present moment together.

      Allow all your senses to be activated, enabling your body to surrender back into its natural flow, where deep, deep relaxation, replenishment, and rejuvenation can take place.


      Niamh will gift you a cacao ceremony and share all her wisdom and knowledge on the plant-based medicine of cacao and its profound benefits.


      Catriona will guide you on an inward journey using the art of sound healing and share her wisdom and knowledge about the medicine of sound healing.

      Luxurious DoTERRA oils will be available for you to explore, allowing you to experience their aromas and benefits. Additionally, there will be wonderful card sharing 🌿

      This will be a delightful evening to celebrate you surrounded in a snug safe space at Sacred Sounds.

      We look forward to meeting you all.

      Big love,

      Catriona & Niamh ❣️

    • 1-1 private Cacao Ceremony and private Biofield Tuning (2.5 hours)


      In-person at your home or mine, or online with the recording available. Cacao will help you to slow down so that you can drop deeper into the real whispers of your soul, receiving guidance from your higher self. These sessions are personalised depending on what you would like to achieve, intuitively our journey includes teachings about the cacao medicine including preparation, guided meditation, journalling, contemplation, intuitive healing, gentle movement and a full personal 1-1 Biofield Tuning session.

      To arrange a private Cacao Ceremony and Biofield Tuning session for you and your partner, friends, family, work colleagues etc please send me an email at €169 for one person plus €56 for each extra person joining.

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