Cacao Ceremony

    • Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala | 100% Pure


      Ceremonial Grade Cacao, 100% Pure & Organic, from Guatemala

      With reverence I travelled to the Guatemalan rainforests in 2023 to meet the farmers, to honour and personally experience the magic of cacao. I share cacao with you because this medicine is special and I wish that you too can receive this medicine to your hands. By supporting this cacao, you are supporting over 256 indigenous women and farmers of Guatemala. Thank you!

      I share a rich and creamy blend of organic cacao that will boost your energy, invoke feelings of love, joy, happiness and euphoria. Ideal to uplift your mind, body and soul. Each block of cacao is infused with love and intentionality, giving you the opportunity to create a personal intention with your own cup, and the landscape to explore this intention.

    • ☀️ Summer Solstice and Strawberry Full Moon June 21st – Biofield Tuning Online Event


      The longest day of the year, coupled with the Strawberry Full Moon, symbolises the peak of light and life. It is a time for celebrating abundance, vitality, and personal growth. Let’s take this opportunity to reflect, release, set intentions, embrace transformation, and honour our Sun, inner strength, and personal growth.

      We will be working with your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) to enhance your personal power, confidence, and vitality, giving you your full zest and oomph for summer 2024.☀️

      Date: Friday, June 21st, 2024
      Time: 8:30pm Irish Time
      Location: Zoom, Online
      Investment: €17

      Join from the comfort of your home via Zoom, making it easy to participate no matter where you are. Can’t join live? No worries! The session recording will be available for 7 days, allowing you to revisit and deepen at your own pace. ☀️

      ⁣Warmest SUMMER vibes to you,⁣

      Niamh x ⁣

    • Biofield Tuning in TheYurt | Group Session


      Hi everyone,

      I invite you to join me in TheYurt for a group Biofield Tuning session.

      Biofield Tuning is a technique that resets your nervous system, supercharging and rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul. I use tuning forks to identify times of stress in your life. Through the use of these tuning forks, I guide you to take deep breaths, release blockages, and restore your energetic flow. This technique effortlessly brings you back to a state of balance and harmony. Whether you are experiencing health issues or simply seeking a restorative, relaxing, yet energizing experience, Biofield Tuning can help you.

      Where: The Yurt, Youngstown, Kilmead, Co. Kildare, R14 KF70

      Time: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

      Investment: €23

      During this 75-minute session, you will comfortably lie down in The Yurt, and I will guide you through the healing session as if it were a meditation. The tuning forks offer deep relaxation, allowing you to naturally unwind and enjoy the experience. After all, there is no one more important than you.

      Looking forward to having you join me.

      Warm regards,

      Niamh x 


    • 1-1 private Cacao Ceremony and private Biofield Tuning (2.5 hours)


      In-person at your home or mine, or online with the recording available. Cacao will help you to slow down so that you can drop deeper into the real whispers of your soul, receiving guidance from your higher self. These sessions are personalised depending on what you would like to achieve, intuitively our journey includes teachings about the cacao medicine including preparation, guided meditation, journalling, contemplation, intuitive healing, gentle movement and a full personal 1-1 Biofield Tuning session.

      To arrange a private Cacao Ceremony and Biofield Tuning session for you and your partner, friends, family, work colleagues etc please send me an email at €169 for one person plus €56 for each extra person joining.

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