1-1 private Cacao Ceremony and private Biofield Tuning (2.5 hours)

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In-person at your home or mine, or online with the recording available. Cacao will help you to slow down so that you can drop deeper into the real whispers of your soul, receiving guidance from your higher self. These sessions are personalised depending on what you would like to achieve, intuitively our journey includes teachings about the cacao medicine including preparation, guided meditation, journalling, contemplation, intuitive healing, gentle movement and a full personal 1-1 Biofield Tuning session.

To arrange a private Cacao Ceremony and Biofield Tuning session for you and your partner, friends, family, work colleagues etc please send me an email at biofieldwithniamh@gmail.com. €169 for one person plus €56 for each extra person joining.

1 review for 1-1 private Cacao Ceremony and private Biofield Tuning (2.5 hours)

  1. Kate Cronin

    I booked the Private 1-1 Cacao Ceremony and Biofield tuning as a treat to myself after a busy summer with the kids! It was pure bliss. I have worked with Niamh several times in the past and this experience was spacious and expansive. Cacao is a drink I enjoy regularly but to experience it in a way Niamh shares is truly unique and soulful. I was so relaxed and connected to myself for the biofield tuning it was truly magical yet grounding. I loved her new space. Surrounded by nature, the sunlight flooded in and I was floating afterwards. It was really special and I would highly recommend. Thank you Niamh for holding safe space and nourishing me deeply. I’ll be back!

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