Children’s Biofield Tuning Session


Duration: 30 minutes. For under 18 years.

Equip your little ones with the tools they need to embrace change, navigate transitions, and thrive in new environments and situations.

Biofield Tuning is a technique that resets the nervous system, restoring harmony and balance to both body and mind.

Benefits of Biofield Tuning for Children:

  • Improved Focus and Academic Success
  • Relaxation and Healthy Sleep Routine
  • Release of Stress, Worry, and Anxiety
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Emotional Management for Self-Empowerment
  • Building Inner Resilience
  • Healthy Relationships and Positive Self-Image



Sessions can be held at my tranquil log cabin (Eircode: R14YT65), or your child can receive Biofield Tuning from a distance while they sleep. I’ll conduct the session and notify you after 30 minutes when it’s completed. Your child will receive the tune-up during their sleep.

Fun and Light-Hearted Sessions:

These sessions are designed to be enjoyable and light-hearted, focusing on cultivating feelings of lightness and joy. Your child is encouraged to play and explore during the session—no strict rules apply in my space!


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