Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala | 100% Pure

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Ceremonial Grade Cacao, 100% Pure & Organic, from Guatemala

With reverence I travelled to the Guatemalan rainforests in 2023 to meet the farmers, to honour and personally experience the magic of cacao. I share cacao with you because this medicine is special and I wish that you too can receive this medicine to your hands. By supporting this cacao, you are supporting over 256 indigenous women and farmers of Guatemala. Thank you!

I share a rich and creamy blend of organic cacao that will boost your energy, invoke feelings of love, joy, happiness and euphoria. Ideal to uplift your mind, body and soul. Each block of cacao is infused with love and intentionality, giving you the opportunity to create a personal intention with your own cup, and the landscape to explore this intention.

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Cacao has been traded across Mesoamerica for thousands of years. This cacao is sourced from small scale organic farmers in the Guatemalan rainforests.

Medicinal Compounds

Theobromine – opens your heart and blood vessels, lowering your blood pressure, relaxing your muscles
Phenylethylamine – a natural love, joy, excitement, connection and openness compound
Anandamide – a natural bliss, happiness and euphoria compound.
Magnesium – for brain clarity, concentration, improves memory, reduces inflammation, stress, migraines and muscle soreness in the body.
Iron – mineral for growth, development, renewal and immune boosting
Calcium – mineral for bones and teeth
Copper – for healthy blood, growth and overall health
Zinc – nutrient for metabolism and immune system
Chromium – regulates your blood sugars
Sulfur – protects your cells from damage
Manganese – brain and nerve function
Phosphorus – cell growth and repair
Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B8, C and E

Cacao is a precursor for the production of: serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, tryptophan, dopamine and flavonoids.


This is not medical advice and it is not suggested to replace your doctor’s advice. This is information commonly known about cacao. Trust your own unique body and do what feels appropriate for you. Most people can drink a daily dose of 28g and ceremonial dose of 42g but this can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

Cacao can interfere with the MAOIs in antidepressants/SSRI’s and other mood-altering drugs and could cause migraines and it is therefore advised if you are on these types of medications to only have a very small dose.

Cacao is a cardiovascular stimulant and therefore if you have any heart, brain conditions, liver failure or kidney stones it’s best to consult your doctor for medical advice.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it’s recommended to have a lower dose, listening to your-self and your growing baby.

19 reviews for Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Guatemala | 100% Pure

  1. Yvonne Keary

    I have been drinking Ceremonial grade Cacao almost a year now.
    Wow what a journey,
    Cacao helps me slow down, relax, connect more to spirit and just gives me deep feelings of gratitude, love and bliss.
    When I feel out of alignment a cup of Cacao can shift me back into alignment.
    Cacao is packed full of minerals, vitamins, magnesium etc etc. I’m currently using it to help with my ankle surgery recovery as I know it will help with the healing process.
    I use to reach for alcohol at weekends to reach a state of what I perceived as fun & bliss but that did not lost very long and left me with feelings of anxiety and un happiness. Since drinking Cacao I rarely drink alcohol anymore as I don’t feel I need it anymore, it did not serve me well.

    Cacao has helped bring me on a lovely spiritual journey, it helps me get into a meditative state, it brings out my creative side and I tend to journal alot of ideas and gratitude while having Cacao.
    Cacao helps open up my heart and speak my emotions. Cacao is a important part of my self care practice.
    Cacao is Amazing! I love it.
    So grateful to recieve Cacao and so blessed to have found out about this beautiful plant medicine.
    It’s a life changer.
    Thank you Niamh for introducing me to Cacao and for your speedy post service of Cacao.
    Highly recommend!
    Gift yourself the gift of Cacao, you won’t regret it. ❤

  2. Kate Cronin

    I am so happy I found Cacao. It is hands down my favourite drink and a must to start my day. I find it leaves me feeling deeply nourished and my energy really is consistent throughout the day. My daily coffee is no longer my must have as I have found something that’s serves me better. It does take a little time to prepare ( 20mins). I use this to think about my day ahead and how I would like it to be! Try Niamh’s Cacao for yourself. I love it!

  3. Bernie McNally

    I have been drinking ceremonial cacao for a few weeks now and can really notice a positive difference. It’s a fabulous start to the day and for me provides a feel good factor and energy boost in the morning.

    Previously I would have relied on a cup of coffee or two for a boost in the morning. This ceremonial cacao is really special. After drinking it I feel empowered, calm, clear headed and ready for the day. I no longer rely on my morning coffee.

    I’d highly recommend this ceremonial cacao for a calm start to the day.

  4. Mary Mc Carthy

    Love both the drink and ritual that cacao brings. Truly feel happier, more open and inspired after my morning cacao. Thank you Niamh

  5. Paula

    It really is a rich cup of love, a true hug in a mug prepared with good vibrations and pure intentions by Niamh. It’s earthy flavour adds to the experience of nourishment. Very grateful to share in this ceremony hosted by Niamh with her contagious positivity. Thank you

  6. Kieran

    I’ve had cacao prepared by Niamh many times and each experience has left me bursting with light, love and positive energy! Whatever way Niamh makes it it tastes delicious and it’ll nourish your SOUL!!

  7. Paula

    A true cup of love, a hug in a mug prepared with good vibrations and pure positivity by Niamh. It’s rich earthy goodness nourished your heart and soul. Grateful to share in this ritual with Niamh. Thank you so much

  8. Gius

    I’ve been drinking cacao for almost a year now and what an amazing shift in perspective and energy I’ve been able to reach! I’m just so grateful of how inviting Niamh has made this sound that I was able to venture in the making on my own. I’ve also attended a cacao ceremony with a biofieldtuning session by Niamh and I would recommend it to anyone. Pure love!

  9. Ava mangan

    I’ve been drinking Ceremonial Grade Cacao for well over a year now. It took me about a week to ‘fiddle around’ with its consistency but once I got the balance how I liked it, I’ve never looked back.Some people love to have it in the morning on waking up. Me, I drink it when the fancy takes me but I do sip on this incredible elixir at some stage each day. I don’t like to rush the process of either making or drinking it, so choosing a time in the day that suits my lifestyle is important.This can vary from day to day. Ceremonial cacao brings about a sense of calm in me. Obviously I know how good it is for me nutritionally but its benefits are so much more than that. Cacao helps me to live in the present and to acknowledge the positives around me. It’s a very big part of my day. ps…. it tastes really good too
    Thank you for introducing me to this powerful medicine Niamh and to bringing me back to me

  10. Niamh

    I was introduced to Niamh and cacao nearly a year ago and both have made a huge positive impact on my life and healing journey.
    From the preparation to the enjoyment of drinking, it’s such a lovely treat, like a hug in a mug. I refer to my daily cup of cacao as my secret weapon when I’m feeling a bit off and need a pick me up. It’s like been handed a full mug of “Everything’s gonna be ok”
    Niamh’s knowledge about her cacao and it’s source is fascinating she is so passionate about her product, I highly recommend trying one of her cacao ceremonies to get the full experience.

  11. Amanda Cosmic Sweets

    I’ve had the pleasure of joining Niamh’s biofield tuning session and then purchasing her cacao. The session was a beautiful mystical experience taking my Mind further back than imagined possible. The cacao she offers does the same. Its transcendental properties allows you to go deep into the beautiful healing of Mama Cacao. Niamh is such a ray of warmth – her knowledge, love and passion for her work and the cacao she offers really shines. I happily use this cacao in the ceremonies I host with other women and the smooth thickness it produces is a class favourite! Thanks you Niamh for everything xx

  12. Clodagh

    Ceremonial cacao is very special. Niamh has an amazing passion and caring for sharing it and if it calls to you, I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a go. With many amazing physical properties and health benefits, it really is a superfood. However, it is more than that. It really is a medicine that can bring grounding, soothing, nourishment and heart opening if you choose to connect with it in that way. I know I am very grateful to Niamh for sharing and supplying this beautiful cacao.

  13. Liz Bissett

    I’ve been drinking Cacao now for over two years, it has become an intricate part of my morning ritual and has proven to be the best way to start my day, it’s like giving yourself the biggest hug filled with unconditional love every morning. I’ve been purchasing my cacao from Niamh now for about a year, her cacao is amazing blend and high quality product. The delivery is so fast and if any issues Niamh responds to you immediately, she is very supportive and will answer any questions you have with regards to your use of Cacao. Highly recommend Niamh

  14. Kate

    I am brand new to drinking ceremonial cacao, having been introduced to it via Niamh after a biofield tuning session. I don’t really understand how it works, but it is a very enjoyable experience! I love the ritual of slowing down and making something nourishing and mystical for myself!

  15. Sinéad

    I have been drinking cocoa for a couple of months now. It initially began with a normal nibbed cocoa product as a coffee alternative but then I came across Niamh’s Biofield Tuning sessions and ceremonial cocoa and I have never looked back. I drink ceremonial cocoa everyday mostly in the morning as part of my morning ritual. It has changed how I approach my day I get up earlier to set intentions and pair my cocoa with meditation and stillness.
    Ceremonial cocoa has most certainly helped me on healing and self care journey and I would encourage everybody to try it. Anyone in my family who has tried it loves it too and a couple of them now take it everyday. It tastes amazing, so rich and it honestly is love in a mug for you. Total self care. Thank you Niamh for sharing cocoa with me.

  16. Patricia Roche

    I have had the pleasure of being introduced to Cacao by Niamh at a full moon workshop on the beach in Malahide perhaps two years ago. And where do I begin? It took time for me to allow the magic of Cacao to resonate with me on a deep level. I couldn’t really understand the power that it held. As I became more curious and I really leaned into the beautiful power of this bountiful medicine I found myself becoming more grounded and relaxing. As I ventured further I could feel the shift from head thinking to heart knowing, it was as if I came down a level, it was visceral and deep and I could feel love and an honesty flowing from me as I journalled. The ritual surrounding the preparation still enthralls me and I feel deep gratitude at the journey it has made to become a part of my rituals. It slows me down, pulls me in and opens my heart, sip by sip. A heart celebration in a cup. Thank you Niamh x

  17. Hannes Peters

    Niamh’s ceremonial cacao is the best I’ve had, period. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting her in Portugal, where she shared her cacao ceremony ritual with me. We prepared it together in a community kitchen and sat on a simple bench watching the sunrise. There are three things that made this perhaps the most memorable cacao ceremony for me. First is the rich flavour and texture. It’s hard to find raw cacao of this quality anywhere, it’s so special. Second is the tranquility. Their was just our morning cup, very different from a full ceremonial setting and procedure. But Niamh put the time and dedication into every step, creating the magical experience as it naturally unfolds. Third is the knowledge and information. I’m a very somatic, very much “in the now” type of person, but nonetheless, hearing about all the different compounds in the cacao, the way they ripen on trees with deep roots in rich soil, and the effects they have on our bodies enhanced the experience. Lastly, of course, there is the experience in itself. So thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful presence in life and the blissful moments you share with us.

  18. Laura R

    I have been ordering cacao from Niamh for the past 2 years and it has become a part of my daily routine. Drinking it fills me with so much warmth, boosts my energy and puts me in a great mood. It is also very tasty! Thank you Niamh for continuing to provide us with this lovely cacao and for the speedy deliveries xx

  19. Sarah Keane

    I’ve been using ceremonial cacao for years and this is one of my favourites ❤️ top quality – highly recommend ✨

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